The tradition of carnival dates back thousands of years to Pagan and Roman celebrations of spring and fertility. It wasn't until Christianity arrived in Rome that carnival became a prelude to Lent- the Catholic observance of fasting and penance.

The current form of Carnival in New Orleans, dating back to the early 1800's, allows the spectator to see the tradition as a form of street theatre, composed of performers and their audience. Procession, photographed over the 2023 Carnival season, sets the stage for the performer and allows the viewer to follow the act as it passes.

Edition of 73. 9x12 inches.
31 Pages, 19 B&W digital printed images.
Coil bound with screen printed, debossed cover.
Assembled and bound by hand in New Orleans
Designed by Giancarlo D'Agostaro and Erik Kieswetter

$5 from every purchase will be donated to The Roots of Music Organization. 

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